3 Misdemeanors=$73,000.00

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by in Blog, Latest News

As many of you have hear or read by now there was a little case in Benton County, involving the County Judge (now former).

He was charged under an Arkansas Statute that provided for a fine and removal from office if convicted. It also provides for “reasonable attorney” fees if Acquitted.

Of Interest are a couple of things:

1) Was the Judge acquitted under the statute? He was on 2/3 of the charges, and one was later dismissed? Will that qualify, does it apply?

2) What are “reasonable attorney” fees? In this case a bill has been submitted for $73,000.00. With a combined (there were three attorneys working on the defense) hourly rate of $775.00/Hr.

3) Which side will file the first appeal?

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