Thank You Cynthia Nance

Posted on 25. Aug, 2010 by in Blog, Latest News

I finally opened my mail today and received a wonderful letter from the Dean of The University of Arkansas School of Law, Cynthia Nance, regarding her stepping down as Dean.

Some do not remember, but Dean Nance stepped into a position that most, including myself, thought was an impossible one. The passing of an incredibly popular, effective and vivacious Dean, Richard Atkinson. He worked hard at his job, was loved by all and was a fund-raising machine, in addition to being a helluva nice guy and compassionate soul.

So Cynthia Nance stepped in to what I believed to be an incredibly daunting task, with impossible shoes to fill.

Well, one can never fill the shoes of Dean Atkinson, but I promise you, Cynthia Nance has left her footprints right beside his, every bit as dedicated, vivacious, compassionate, caring and effective.

I just want to personally say, “Thank You”, to Dean Cynthia Nance. She has helped, pushed and pulled my law school into a new era. I did not think that anyone could finish the work that began with Dean Atkinson and continue the standard I felt he set. I was pleased to be wrong, yet again. Dean Nance seamlessly has continued the dedication and continued to do so with class, charisma and mojo all her own.

I have no idea how you have been in two places at once, seemingly been at every single event, written likely a million personalized thank you cards, and learned to ride a motorcycle, all the while seemingly keeping your poise and sanity.

I have no idea how you have managed to be such an incredible Dean and Ambassador for THE University of Arkansas School of Law, but there is no doubt that you have been incredible.

So in response to your letter, let me say a public thank you for being such energetic and amazing Dean and friend. I feel sorry for the next person.


Chad L. Atwell

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