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Child Support in Arkansas

Posted on 02. Jun, 2011 by .


Under Arkansas law the noncustodial parent is required to pay child support for the support and maintenance of their minor children.  The amount of child support they pay is based on their income.  In determining the amount of child support, you will calculate the net income of the payor of the child support.  The net income is derived from taking their gross pay and subtracting any social security paid and the costs of insurance that they are providing for the minor children.  Once the net income is determined, you refer to the Arkansas Child Support Guidelines which can be found online.  It will state the amount of child support to be paid.  Courts are required to follow the Arkansas Child Support Guidelines in determining child support unless there are circumstances that warrant modification from the Arkansas Child Support Guidelines.  In most cases the courts will follow the guidelines, unless there are some exceptional circumstances with regard to the child or parent that would warrant a modification and deviation from the Arkansas Child Support Guidelines.

If you believe that the child support amount that you are being paid or are paying is incorrect, you can petition the court for a child support modification.  The court will review the income records of the payor and determine if there has been a change in the amount of pay warranting modification of child support.

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Thank You Cynthia Nance

Posted on 25. Aug, 2010 by .


I finally opened my mail today and received a wonderful letter from the Dean of The University of Arkansas School of Law, Cynthia Nance, regarding her stepping down as Dean.

Some do not remember, but Dean Nance stepped into a position that most, including myself, thought was an impossible one. The passing of an incredibly popular, effective and vivacious Dean, Richard Atkinson. He worked hard at his job, was loved by all and was a fund-raising machine, in addition to being a helluva nice guy and compassionate soul.

So Cynthia Nance stepped in to what I believed to be an incredibly daunting task, with impossible shoes to fill.

Well, one can never fill the shoes of Dean Atkinson, but I promise you, Cynthia Nance has left her footprints right beside his, every bit as dedicated, vivacious, compassionate, caring and effective.

I just want to personally say, “Thank You”, to Dean Cynthia Nance. She has helped, pushed and pulled my law school into a new era. I did not think that anyone could finish the work that began with Dean Atkinson and continue the standard I felt he set. I was pleased to be wrong, yet again. Dean Nance seamlessly has continued the dedication and continued to do so with class, charisma and mojo all her own.

I have no idea how you have been in two places at once, seemingly been at every single event, written likely a million personalized thank you cards, and learned to ride a motorcycle, all the while seemingly keeping your poise and sanity.

I have no idea how you have managed to be such an incredible Dean and Ambassador for THE University of Arkansas School of Law, but there is no doubt that you have been incredible.

So in response to your letter, let me say a public thank you for being such energetic and amazing Dean and friend. I feel sorry for the next person.


Chad L. Atwell

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Comments & Questions Welcome

Posted on 06. Aug, 2010 by .


Obviously this blog is a mix of informational topics and (as it progresses) a place to go for questions and thoughts people might have.

At Woods, Snively & Atwell we have attorneys that handle a wide variety of cases and issues in a competent and professional manner. We tackle cases from misdemeanor criminal offenses to complex civil litigation. We are not a large firm and truly try to provide complete service, even if your case changes in complexity or nature as it progresses.

So, along the way if you simply have a question or a topic that you would like to see, please let us know. From time to time in the future, we will also invite attorneys wish to contribute to the blog, to post as well.

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How bad is it when a Public Defender office closes?

Posted on 24. Jul, 2010 by .


Pretty close to home. Evidently for the first time ever, in Missouri, a public defender officer has shut their doors.

Overloaded with work, public defender closes office doors to new clients

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3 Misdemeanors=$73,000.00

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by .


As many of you have hear or read by now there was a little case in Benton County, involving the County Judge (now former).

He was charged under an Arkansas Statute that provided for a fine and removal from office if convicted. It also provides for “reasonable attorney” fees if Acquitted.

Of Interest are a couple of things:

1) Was the Judge acquitted under the statute? He was on 2/3 of the charges, and one was later dismissed? Will that qualify, does it apply?

2) What are “reasonable attorney” fees? In this case a bill has been submitted for $73,000.00. With a combined (there were three attorneys working on the defense) hourly rate of $775.00/Hr.

3) Which side will file the first appeal?

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You must start somewhere.

Posted on 21. Jul, 2010 by .


So the idea came to me to begin a blog, on legal news, local decisions, random things loosely associated with the legal profession. The next thought was “what the heck will I blog about, and do I really want to blog?”.

I decided I would give it a shot and then also add other authors who might want to contribute short thoughts or analysis as well.

So this post begins what is surely to be a very random and attention deficit disorder blog that will try and bring up or highlight things that might be of interest to others.

All questions or comments are welcome.

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