Representative Cases

The attorneys of Daniels, Woods, Snively, Atwell Law Group have extensive experience with a wide variety of cases. On this page, we share a selection of representative cases.

CONFIDENTIAL TRACTOR-TRAILER SETTLEMENT.  Partner Rick Woods negotiated a settlement for plaintiff injured tractor-trailer that failed to secure its load.  Rick was able through investigation to find violation by driver just prior to accident for excess load requiring the driver to take off portion of load, which left it out of balance and improperly secured.

NATIONAL SALES CONTRACT VERDICT IN FEDERAL COURT.  Partner Rick Woods tried a national sales commission breach of contract case that ended in a jury verdict of $250,000.00 plus costs and attorney fees. The case involved a national sales account for commissions owed on a contract that had expired on its face. Plaintiff successfully argued contract by performance.

PREMISES LIABILITY VERDICT FOR $447,000.00.  Partner Rick Woods tried a premises liability case for an injured plaintiff against a local lodge.  The plaintiff was injured when he fell through the steps of one of the Lodge’s cabins.  As a business invitee the plaintiff was owed a higher duty of care from the defendant.  The defendant’s failure to inspect and maintain the cabin premises was a breach of that duty of care.

CONFIDENTIAL DEFECTIVE CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CLAIM.  Rick Woods represented a plaintiff injured by construction equipment with defective controls.  Plaintiff was able to show that the previous design used by the manufacturer was superior to a new and cheaper designed control system.